Project Description

“The Secrets of Anija Manor Park”

This program is most suitable for children from kindergarten to the sixth grade. The duration of the program is between 1.5 to 2 hours. We offer this program to children from April to October.

We welcome you to the mysterious park of the idyllic Anija Manor, where the seasons change quietly. Children are led by the expert program guide to discover the trail of senses and experiences created in the manor park with its hidden secrets and surprises. We learn to notice the nature around us and find out about life at the manor.

We awaken all five senses by offering visible beauty to the eye, sound to the ear, taste to the tongue, scents to the nose and touch to the fingers. We contemplate how our way of life affects nature.

“An educational trail must allow the interest to grow and must facilitate the discovery of beauty in every stone, stump and forest clearing,” said landscape ecologist and cultural historian Jaan Eilart. That’s exactly what our educational trail is like.

Program price depends on group size:

  • For a group up to 10 people, the minimum fee is 50 euros.
  • For 11 -25 people the price is 5 euros per person
  • For 26 to 50 people the price is 4 Euros per person (there will be two guides with the group)

For a group of students, the participation fee of two leaders is free of charge.

As an additional service, we offer meals on the lawn (baked potato or barley bread with either honey or herb butter, and herbal tea to renew the senses) for extra fee.

More info and booking +372 5553 0038 or by e-mail