Welcome to Anija Manor

The charm of simplicity!

By main composition Anija Manor is one of the most beautiful manor buildings in Estonia.
The French and English-style manor park is unique in its abundance of exotic species.

Now the manor’s permanent exhibition also has interactive solutions with VR glasses, audio guides, a virtual tour and fun animations for children.
The entire exhibition has been translated into Estonian, English, Finnish, Russian and German.

 Manor is accessible to people with different disabilities.

In Anija Manor you will find:

➤ The revitalised manor house opened its doors in the summer of 2020 with an exhibition that introduces the golden age of manor culture.

➤ The halls of the manor and the storehouse-event centre are open as venues for various events, like weddings and seminars etc.

➤ The romantic Cafe Anija Mõisakohwik is ready for visitors in the western wing of the main building of Anija Manor.

➤ In the basement floor you will find the Chamber of Arts and Crafts.

➤ In Anija Manor you will sense the stories of the passing of time, the vibrance of culture, the enchantment of flavors and scents.

 In Anija Manor you will be fascinated by the charm of simplicity!

Anija Manor is a 30-minute drive from Tallinn towards Narva by Piibe Road.