Anija Manor exhibition is now accessible to people with disabilities

With a rich heritage, Anija Manor has taken a big step to improve accessibility so that different visitors can come and discover our manor. Anija Manor accessible to people with disabilities.

In order for everyone to be able to visit our exhibition, we have added subtitles to the video files, so that hearing-impaired guests can also take part in the history of the manor. We filmed a virtual tour of the second floor exhibition for viewing on a tablet. That helps introduce the exhibition to those who cannot access the stairs to the second floor due to mobility difficulties. The virtual tour is made exciting by various manor stories, which guests can take part in via video.

Audio guides, VR glasses and a house map supplemented with all the necessary instructions make the visiting experience more attractive. For mobility with a wheelchair, there are ramps for wheelchair access, at the door of the disabled toilet and at the door connecting the manor house and the cafe. So we may ensure comfortable movement on the first floor of the manor.

With these heart-made additions, we want to offer the visitors of Anija Manor an enjoyable visit to the manor. By improving accessibility, we have created an opportunity for people with different abilities and disabilities to also take part in the history of our manor and appreciate its cultural importance.

Anija Manor located in Northern Estonia, only a 30-minute drive from Tallinn

Open in summer Tue-Fri 12-19
Phone +372 5553 0038