Permanent collection “The Story of Manor Era”

Experience the permanent collection exhibited in the manor house of Anija Manor first-hand. Visitors can ex­perience the manor’s atmosphere as it was in the past – as if the gentlefolk had just risen from the dining ta­ble and went for a walk.

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Explore the manor

Groups are welcome to enjoy the atmosphere of the visitor programs in the manor house, storehouse and manor park. The programs are a good addition to a semi­nar or a party, they are suitable for groups of children as well as adults.

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Seminars and workshops at Anija Manor

The manor house halls, lounges and store­house-event center of Anija Manor are suitable for organizing conferences, seminars, training courses, business meetings.

The historical atmosphere and inspirational envi­ronment of the manor offer experiences and help to create new thought patterns.

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Parties and weddings at Anija Manor

The historical and romantic atmosphere of the manor is ideal venue for weddings, parties, performances and concerts.

At Anija Manor, you can have an extravagant wedding or a private one – only the two of you. Your wedding day at the historical and romantic Anija Manor will be unforgettable to you and your loved ones. We work on the principle that the wedding day is the day when the bride and groom can focus on each other and their life together. You will have a dream team at your disposal to help you create an event that caters to your wishes.

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Manor Café

The café is open from WED to THU 12:00 – 17:00 and from FRI-SUN 12:00 – 19:00.

Anija Manor Café has a menu that stimu­lates taste buds and aesthetic senses alike, where traditional Estonian flavors meet Italian cuisine. The romantic anachronistic interior allows the visitor to feel like an invited guest of the lady of the manor.

Anija Manor Café displays the North Estonian local food label and has won an award at the “New Estonian National Food” competition.

For more information, please contact us at +372 5393 7096 or at

Gift shop

Welcome to our little gift shop in the Manor house. Our desire is to give our visitors the opportunity to take away a tasty, practical or simply heartwarming gift for themselves, their friends or colleagues.

We work with local food producers, and other local craft people and designers who are keen to create a special selection for Anija Manor.

Exciting and interesting activities in the area

The Manor House is pleased to recommend partners and friends in Northern Estonia who have a lot to offer. When you visit us, plan to come for several days and discover exciting local activities and places.