Anija Manor invites children on a discovery trip

We have developed the Anija Manor exhibition in such a way that it would be exciting for children. Anija Manor invites children on discovery trip were kids may discover manor life from centuries ago with the help of modern technology. Here is just a short list of the great things children can experience.

Interactive experience:

With the help of audio guides, children hear exciting facts and stories about the Anija Manor display. With VR glasses, you can experience very realistic 3D simulations from the past and participate, for example, in a manor-era ball or, on the contrary, in a festive dinner faithful to the era.

Discovering history:

Anija Manor is an important historical site that offers children the opportunity to learn from past experiences. The exhibition has various exhibits with educational content that tell about the history of the manor and present the former manor life through the eyes of Manor Oswald or Farm Boy Ats.

Getting to know the culture:

Children can discover local culture and age-old traditions at Anija Manor. Through exciting animations, children are introduced to the jobs and roles of various officials who worked in the manor in an educational and entertaining way.

New knowledge about school history:

Anija Manor exhibition offers children the opportunity to learn new knowledge about how people lived centuries ago. You may solve tasks themselves. Children can discover new facts about important events in the history of the Anija Manor school. Do you know what are the teaching styles of that time? Also kids can test what it feels like to write on the blackboard with a marker while sitting on a historic school bench.

Entertaining experience:

Technological solutions make the visit exciting thanks to experiencing VR reality and animations displayed on the wall. In addition, in the costume room of the manor, all those interested can capture exciting moments dressed as manor characters with the help of a photo machine. You may take the photos printed on paper with them as a souvenir.

These are just a few reasons why children should visit the Anija Manor exhibition. We promise that your experience with us will be educational, entertaining, and full of discovery.

Anija Manor located in Northern Estonia, only a 30-minute drive from Tallinn.

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