Project Description

“The Hidden Wonders of Anija Manor Park”

We welcome you on a journey into the world of senses in the charming Anija Manor Park. Anija manor park incorporates both French and English style parts of the park.

We have created a trail of senses and experiences for you, along which we will discover the hidden magic of the park. For example, you will find a unique meadow in the park and you may find yourself in a nest.  We can experience the nature around us and be reminded of the manor house way of life.
We awaken all five senses by offering visible beauty to the eye, sound to the ear, taste to the tongue, scents to the nose and touch to the fingers. Naturally, the trail of senses and experiences offers an opportunity to open up and observe, to be excited and inspired, to be connected to others and have a space to interact.

The duration of the program is approximately 1.5 hours and the trail is about 2 km long.

We offer the program from April to October.

  • Up to 10 people 50 euros (minimum fee).
  • 11-25 people 5 euros per person.
  • 26-50 people 4 euros per person.

We also offer a invigorating tea and the manor’s barley bread with herb butter for extra fee.

More info and booking +372 5553 0038 or by e-mail