Project Description

“A lively tour of Anija Manor and friends of the manor”

We welcome you to an exciting tour of Anija Manor, the beekeeper of the manor, Piibe handicraft farm, and the organic cafeteria.

We have created a trail of senses and experiences for you in the charming French and English style Anija manor park that will allow you to discover the hidden magic of the park. We can experience the nature around us and be reminded of the manor house way of life.

We awaken all five senses by offering visible beauty to the eye, sound to the ear, taste to the tongue, scents to the nose and touch to the fingers. Naturally, the trail of senses and experiences offers an opportunity to open up and observe, to be excited and inspired, to be connected to others and have a space to interact.

Then we will visit Heiki, the beekeeper of the manor, where we listen to his honeyed words, survey the bees and witness their exciting world in an observation hive. Of course, we will taste honey and bee products.

If you wish, honey, propolis, bee bread, pollen, and wax candles can be purchased.

Next we will go to Piibe handicraft farm, where the hostess Eve, who is an artist, introduces the art of felting offers organic delicacies for refreshment. You can see and buy felted items and souvenirs at the farm boutique.

The length of the program is approximately 4 hours.

The price for a group of 20 people is 18 euros per person.

The price includes lunch at Piibe Farm (soup / pie / coffee or tea)

For smaller groups, please contact for a price.

More info and booking +372 5553 0038 or by e-mail